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museums to be little help during basel

Post #102 • September 9, 2003, 2:17 PM

The slated offerings at the musuems during this year’s Art Basel are underwhelming.

The Miami Art Museum will be showing “Museums for a New Millennium,” a painfully obvious attempt at selling the expanded-museum idea to a cash-strapped city.

Contemporary museum architecture is the focus of this exhibition, which presents drawings, photographs, and original models of 25 architectural milestones from around the world. The featured projects, all key works by internationally renowned architects, offer a cross section of the complex panorama of museum architecture designed at the close of the twentieth century.

I wouldn’t cross the street to see this show.

The Museum of Contemporary Art will show the work of Richard Artschwager, known for his charmless meditations on furniture and interiors, and William Cordova, a local artist whose protracted free-associations have yet to produce anything besides self-consciously clever curiosities. To its credit, MoCA will also show the work of Inka Essenhigh, whose whacked-out figurative vortices will probably be the high point of museum-going during Basel.

The Lowe will be putting on a show of the graphic work of the overrated Red Grooms, a mere two months after the close of the exhibition of his work at the Norton (link may not work) in West Palm Beach. Friends who saw the show at the Norton advised me not to bother with it.

The Art Museum at FIU will be showing a BFA exhibition.

Barring another disaster, the Bass Museum has scheduled “Dispersion: A Decade of Art from Spain (Selections from the Coca-Cola Foundation Collection, Madrid),” which could be good, but it’s hard to tell. Also on display will be a show of photographs of Frida Kahlo. Zzz.




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