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the first time i ever risked my life for an art opening

Post #101 • September 8, 2003, 5:05 PM

I just returned from a weekend in St. Petersburg and Tampa. I had work in a show called “Miami Hot” at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art. The show was curated by Denise Gerson from the Lowe Museum.

My traveling companion and I drove straight into the heart of Tropical Storm Henri to attend the opening. I went through Andrew back in 1992, and since then I don’t give any mind to a storm of lesser magnitude than a Category Two Hurricane. (Andrew was a Five, at least until the anometer blew off of the weather station, after which it would be unscientific to discuss its strength.) Nevertheless, driving into Henri was colossally stupid. Visibility hit zero feet at some moments, and the side of the road was littered with a few cars that had spun asswards into the sawgrass on I-75.

Remarkably, by nighttime Henri blew over and the opening was well-attended. The list of the brave Miami art people who spat in the face of the weather even as it spat at them includes Jordan and Myrna Massengale, Brook Dorsch, Pedro Gonzalez, Vickie Pierre, Weston Charles, and Alisa Pitchenik.




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