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lemon sky at ingalls

Post #103 • September 10, 2003, 4:33 AM

One of the new efforts at Ingalls & Associates (no website) is to provide a venue for Lemon Sky Projects. If I understand this correctly, Lemon Sky will be working with local art person Gean Moreno for an unspecified period to produce thematic shows pulled from its holdings of prints and multiple edition work.

Museums and galleries are limited in the ways that they can feature art work, and mobile, web-based entities with flexible commitments to physical spaces, such as Lemon Sky, will generate more options. It has occured to me to do the same. I have even parked a domain name.

I don’t always like the work featured by Ingalls, but I have been consistently impressed with its attitude. Last year during Basel, when everyone was scrambling to present the apotheosis of artistic seriousness, Ingalls put on a show of Bettie Page photographs. It has themed a show around sex, more or less, that included both the sculptural collaborations of Renoir and Richard Guino and Spencer Tunick. And now it is featuring Lemon Sky. Chris Ingalls evinces admirable independence of mind an no small courage.

Ingalls & Associates info: 771 N.E. 125th Street, North Miami, 305.981.7900, Opening this Saturday, September 13,7 – 10 pm, will be Lemon Sky’s first project in Miami, entitled, undoubtedly because of Moreno, “the sonic residue on these walls is only imagined, otherwise it would be taboo.”




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