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Reviews Recovered

Post #1811 • April 13, 2018, 9:23 AM

In the process of syndicating reviews from Delicious Line to DigBoston, not everything has made it onto the Dig's website. This has necessitated a bit of catch-up in my writing archive, including:

A review of “Mark Rothko: Reflection” at the MFA Boston for the November 2, 2017 issue of the Dig, originally at Delicious Line here;

A review of “Seeking Stillness” at the MFA Boston for the same issue, originally at Delicious Line here;

And new this week—thus something you can pick up in newsprint form if you're around Boston—a review of “Conny Goelz Schmitt: More Questions than Answers” at Kingston Gallery, originally at Delicious Line here.

They look nicer at DL than in the archive, by design, so you may want to read them at the former. For that authentic alt-weekly feel, the links in the archived pieces go to pages where you can view the PDFs. DigBoston, to whom I'm grateful for this arrangement, is one of the finer efforts at a metropolitan alt-weekly that I've witnessed over the years. Do check them out.

Of note as far as the archive is concerned is that these inclusions unceremoniously bump the total number of published writings past 200, to 202. This may constitute something like 160,000 words all told. Add to it 1,800-plus blog posts and a growing pile of verbiage at Delicious Line not published elsewhere, and the result is, well, not Menckenesque, but also not bad for two decades of freelancing as an artist with excess writing acumen, most of which took place after 2000, when physical newspaper and print periodical revenues took a crossbow bolt in the gut and never recovered.

By which I mean to say, thank you for reading.




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