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For the Love of Arts Criticism

Post #1810 • April 12, 2018, 10:45 AM

Bill Marx of The Arts Fuse is organizing a series of talks about why art criticism is in so much trouble and what might be done about it. I will be in the next installment, For the Love of Arts Criticism II: Arts Magazines and Bloggers Speak Out. So will Greg Cook, who is doing excellent work at Wonderland.

The session will be divided into two parts. First, there will be a round robin discussion among small arts magazine editors, bloggers, and writers. Why are these publications valuable? Then a brainstorming confab will follow, charged with coming up with ways that online publications can support each other — sharing readers and resources, opportunities for syndication — as well looking into how a network of small online magazines and bloggers might be able to band together to apply for grants and other funding resources.

It goes down on May 7 at 7 PM in Somerville. The invitation is open not just to audience members, but more participants. If you write about the arts and want to be involved, reach out to Bill through the link above.




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