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a second term - for artsfeed

Post #403 • November 4, 2004, 9:58 AM • 5 Comments

Bush, quoted by the New York Times:

"I want to speak to every person who voted for my opponent," he said. "To make this nation stronger and better, I will need your support and I will work to earn it. I will do all I can do to deserve your trust. A new term is a new opportunity to reach out to the whole nation. We have one country, one Constitution and one future that binds us."

The people I know who voted for him feel confident that he will swing back to center, coming out in support of civil unions for same-sex couples and stem-cell research. One of them is hands-down one of the smartest guys walking the earth, so I hope he's correct. In the meantime, I had an important lesson: if I had realized how angry I would become upon seeing my values and intelligence insulted in this last election, I would have done more to try to influence it. I believe in the power of the reality-based community and look forward to the opportunity to bring more people into it.

In the meantime, come play with an updated version of Artsfeed, currently in beta. There are known issues. If you're using an Atom feed and your site's in the Tossed Out section, take no action - I'm on it. If your site hasn't been updated in over 30 days, take no action - you're not blogging. If your site does not appear as intended, please have a look at your feed and contact your blogging provider if you need to fix it. If you have no feed, get one. If your site doesn't appear at all, contact me with the pertinent information. If you're Tyler Green or John Perreault, please contact Douglas McLennan and have him get some date tags going in your feed. (He'll know what it means.) If you are a non-art blogger (literature, pan-cultural, etc.), sit tight - I'm going to put your feeds on separate pages and need to get this one working first. If the new fatter stripes still make you want to throw up, please say so - I'm going back and forth on them.



Todd Gibson

November 4, 2004, 6:44 PM

I don't mind the bars, but the text displays too small to read with my browser settings. It's displaying much smaller than the text on which I think is optimal size.



November 4, 2004, 9:22 PM

Franklin, if the MAM people ever get around to giving you any kind of response, be sure to let us know. It doesn't make much difference now, I suppose, and I wouldn't expect anything except PR-speak, but it would be interesting to see if they at least condescend to reply.



November 4, 2004, 10:03 PM

Very spiffy coding, Franklin. If you wanted to, you could be making six figures at an internet company somewhere.

I enjoyed the thinner bars from before, though the colors were usually very harsh. The color bar on this site appears to employ an intelligent algorithm for switching from one color to the next . . . couldn't something similar be used to make the color bars on artsfeed more harmonious?



November 5, 2004, 12:51 AM

Alesh's and Todd's suggestions have been implemented. Much better. I brought down the number of posts to six so it didn't go so long.

Alesh, you've seen outsider art, with that charming, rough, naive look? I'm an outsider programmer. My code looks the same way.



November 5, 2004, 9:10 AM

wow. i'm sitting in front of the new artsfeed page, hitting refresh, and basking in the colors. nice!

w/r/t outsider art, it's pretty apparent that you have some very strong ideas about what tricks should and should not be used in web pages. I haven't done much coding in the last decade or so, but i did once, so i can dig the aesthetic. Keep up the nice work, and i say feel free to tweak the code whenever the mood strikes you.



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