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dorsch roundup

Post #129 • October 16, 2003, 5:11 AM

Claudia Scalise has painted an excellent show for Dorsch Gallery. Scalise’s economically rendered images of people on iconic white backgrounds are striking, particularly one of herself standing awkwardly on her husband’s back as he crouches.

This Saturday Maria Jose Arjona, one of the two best performance artists in Miami, will perform in her installation at Dorsch. (The other one is David Rohn.)

Also at Dorsch is “Bleu,” which is a trifle. The only work that made an impression on me was that of Patrick Michell, whose best interests were not served by being in a show about the color blue. Michell’s work reuses packaging graphics to create minimal compositions; they have some formal snap, although they long to be pushed to a more gripping conclusion.




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