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macarthur winners

Post #128 • October 15, 2003, 3:43 AM

Much to my own amazement, I have no major problems with this year’s visual arts MacArthur Fellows, winners of the so-called Genius Grant. Peter Sis is an illustrator in New York. I’m glad that an illustrator has won one of these things – my undergrad degree is in illustration and the field has been on the ropes for more than a decade, so much so that the Graphic Artist Guild started a Campaign for Illustration in 2001. This will give the field a boost.

Daisy Youngblood [dicey website] is a sculptor who lives in the desert southwest and works with animal representations, of all things. In reproduction on the web they look underwhelming, but competent.

Best of all is Sarah Sze, whose work I have admired in photographs. She’s a sculptor who makes complicated constructions out of common objects that are like exploded, Calderesque interpretations of Joseph Cornell.




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