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Post #118 • October 1, 2003, 10:32 AM

Wednesday: I taught a t’ai chi class for the students that was well attended despite the early hour (9 am – about 6 am in student time). I made up some exercises that excerpt the Yang long form, and I will use them when I start teaching on Miami Beach October 23. I then co-taught a figure drawing class with Jane, who continues to impress me with her abilities as an instructor. I did little gestures in gouache (a slide show will appear upon my return, I promise). I’m not making as much art as I thought I would but I feel as though my soul is filling back up.

In the afternoon I went out to Krios (which has a nicer beach than the one in Paros), a twenty minute walk out of town. On returning I shared a bunch of grapes with John and talked more about teaching and art and life. Tonight will be a small late dinner at a taverna – a slab of feta over a salad.




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