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lucian freud

Post #14 • May 17, 2003, 6:05 PM

Los Angeles: Lucian Freud is great. How great is Lucian Freud?

Lucian Freud is so great that visitors to his show at MOCALA talked animatedly in front of the paintings about how great they were, gesturing this way and that, drawing, taking notes. They talked amongst themselves. They talked with total strangers. They talked to the heavens.

Lucian Freud is so great that a concurrent show of Laura Owens at MOCALA, which is exactly the kind of super-clever, super-referential art that the arts intelligentsia go ga-ga over in Miami, looked like a joke by comparison. The difference between Freud and Owens was like the difference between baby-making and masturbation.

Lucian Freud is so great that people in the museum started to look Freudian – one noticed the weight of their eyelids, the pinkness of their limbs, the texture of their clothing. Physicality was conveyed with such force that one began to notice it outside of the art.

That’s how great Lucian Freud is.




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