Autumn Home

Post # • January 8, 2020, 1:16 PM

[Image: Panel from "Autumn Home," from The Moon Fell On Me]

Panel from "Autumn Home," from The Moon Fell On Me

Over a year in the making, "Autumn Home" is up at The Moon Fell On Me. It dies in phone browsers, but if you're on a desktop or laptop, have a look at it.

This the product of the deep dive I did on SVG while working on Regarding SVGs are XML, so you should be able to change their colors with XSLT, right? You sure can. Luckily autumn colors lay on the HSL wheel conveniently between 0 and 80 degrees, so the rest of it was a simple matter of making Javascript explode again and again over the course of about fourteen months. Enjoy. And if you spot any bugs, please let me know.




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