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Regarding in the Boston Globe

Post #1838 • June 28, 2019, 12:38 PM

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Regarding just got an appreciative writeup at the Boston Globe. Says Nina McLaughlin in her column:

Franklin Einspruch, a Boston-based artist and pioneer in the genre of comics poetry, is recently back from Vienna, Austria, where he spent two months as an artist-in-residence in the arts district MuseumsQuartier, having been awarded a highly competitive Fulbright fellowship, offered to one American artist each year. Einspruch calls comics poetry “a hybrid creative form that uses comics to create poetic experiences.” The project he completed in Vienna, “Regarding” is a quartet of comics poems, ranging from the haiku minimalism of “City of Weather” – which opens with the mind-widening line “All the temperatures at once” – to the longer and weightier grapple with Nazism’s history in Vienna in “Anschluss (Connection).” The exuberant, sensual “Maenad, After a Sculpture by Fritz Klimsch” throbs with the energy of the language and the lines. The paintings have the look of liquefied woodblock prints, firm and flowing at once. To slide them across your screen (the only way to experience them is online) is to be slipped into an altered frame of mood and mind. They are not funny per se, but they are not without levity – beautiful minimalist treasures in unexpected combination. To see “Regarding” visit

Dedicated readers may remember the author's name from her praise for Cloud on a Mountain back in January.

Since I've had inquiries, I'll be making a series of prints from the comic. At the moment I'm running a pre-order on what I'm calling the Maenad Suite, the five concluding images from the germane comic at Regarding Details of that pre-order are here. If you're so enthused about this that you just want to mash Add To Cart buttons, have at it.

I'm led to understand that the above item will be coming out in the Sunday edition of the Globe. When it hits newsstands I'll send out a notice to that effect via my newsletter, to which many of you already subscribe. By way of possible apology and confirmed appreciation, I created a coupon code, ARTBLOG, which will garner you free domestic shipping if you employ it before Monday. Thank you, dear reader.

Ms. MacLaughlin, for the record, has done quite a lot of lovely and moving work.




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