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New England Book Show Awards Best in Category to A Fox Appears

Post #1773 • May 5, 2016, 12:18 PM • 1 Comment

The 59th annual New England Book Show awarded Best In Category for Poetry to A Fox Appears by Jennifer Stewart Miller, design by John Kramer, art by yours truly. John sent this picture (click for bigger):


The text reads:

Judges' Comments

We were struck by the beautiful simplicity of this volume of haiku. The various shades of gray contribute to the pleasing rhythm of the entire interior, and we enjoyed the running feet appearing only on the right.

Designer's Comments

This book was published by the author and raised some usual [transcription error, John wrote unusual] poetry-setting challenges. The staggered setting of each individual haiku was an attempt to animate the spreads a bit. Cyrus Highsmith's Prensa family (from Font Bureau) did its part with just the right amount of rhythmic sparkle. Cover and text illustrator Franklin Einspruch was very generous in allowing extensive use and silhouetting/cropping of his work. As far as I am concerned this illustration was the best thing to have come out of the blizzards of 2015.

The image is First Fall, from the series of snow drawings I made while holed up inside last winter that were featured in The Boston Globe.



John Link

May 5, 2016, 1:27 PM

Striking design, award well deserved.



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