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When The Art Is Of You: Stephen DiRado

Post #1770 • March 30, 2016, 5:04 PM


Still from Franklin, Painting (2016) by Stephen DiRado (sorry for the phone camera shot)

This year, noted artist Stephen DiRado will spend his thirtieth summer photographing the denizens of the beaches of Martha's Vineyard. I made appearances in his entourage during the last two, and Stephen took to shooting video footage of me painting watercolors at the cliffs of Aquinnah, such as this one.

Stephen edited this footage into a short film entitled Franklin, Painting (2016) which has been on display in the Schiltkamp Gallery of the Traina Center for the Arts at Clark University. To wit:

Jump–Devolve–Whisper is a collaborative exhibition featuring large- and small-scale new films by Professor Stephen DiRado and new sound compositions by Dean of the College Matt Malsky. A closing reception in the Schiltkamp Gallery will feature a participatory concert with laptop computers. Join us on March 16 for light refreshments and music-making!

Stephen DiRado and Matthew Malsky are internationally known artists with decades of experience. DiRado is renowned for his long-term documentary photographs and whimsical short films; learn more here. Malsky’s compositions are cutting-edge, integrating electronics within live performances; learn more here.

This is a first-time collaboration between two artists who have long yearned to work together. The results are a gallery filled with provocative, experimental installations that challenge and entertain. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, installations will be modified or changed.

The exhibition has been held over through this week—stop by if you're around Worcester. Stephen has posted a clip of another film on display, Jump (2016), on YouTube.




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