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Oops, I Guess I Just Raped Emma Sulkowicz

Post #1750 • June 15, 2015, 12:09 PM • 1 Comment

Grand hopes about the revitalization of feminist, activist performance art have been pinned upon a woman who just told Artnet, I mean, when people call me Mattress Girl I find that really infuriating. It's like, okay great, so you think that I'll never progress beyond that point. That I'll be a Mattress Girl rather than a living, breathing person who has the ability to change.

I reviewed Mattress Girl's latest effort for The Federalist.



John Link

June 16, 2015, 7:20 PM

Universities are providing hospice service for what the once artistically fertile avant-garde has become. The resemblance between Sulkowicz's work and the miracle and morality play of the Middle Ages is remarkable. The characters, caricatures really, are defined with such shallowness that placards hanging from their necks are no longer necessary. The finger of fire and brimstone points to everyone in the audience who dares to complain about the hysterical prudery that has replaced artistic merit. It is faked open-mindedness, a coercion of sensibility that actually closes itself off from what art has to offer, and does it in a manner that makes the strictest Victorian seem like a free-thinker by comparison.



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