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New Art: Half Wrapped

Post #1732 • January 5, 2015, 2:15 PM


Half Wrapped, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 18 inches (click for larger)

Getting this documented took some doing. I've been struggling with a new Nikon D5300 for a couple of months to get sharp images out of it. While it's a bad workman who blames his tools, it turns out that the camera's built-in jpeg algorithm clobbers details, as noted by one British reviewer whose comments I would have liked to encounter while I was researching cameras last fall. Oh well, time to learn to shoot raw.

For reasons unclear to me, the Ubuntu Software Center wants to download Raw Therapee 4.0 instead of the current 4.2 version, and 4.0 doesn't support the D5300. So after an abortive afternoon trying to use sliders to correct a profile-reading problem, I uninstalled 4.0 from the Software Center, opened a shell, and installed 4.2 using apt-get. It turns out that the D5300 takes rather nice photographs when it's not making jpegs with its algorithmic mallet. Hardly any adjustment was needed at all.

The image is from a gouache drawing from May of a tattooed, purple-haired model with skin the color of Delftware who has since gotten out of the business and possibly the state.




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