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The Fire to Say

Post #1632 • November 27, 2013, 6:07 PM

A brief, pre-holiday announcement: The Fire to Say is slated for January 17 to February at the Curatorial Research Lab at Winkleman Gallery in New York City. There will be an opening 6-8 PM on the 17th.

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A handful of artists have wandered away from mainstream comics only to find themselves at the periphery of poetry. Here, they bend and shove the vocabulary of comics to make the medium yield new effects. The results are original and surprising, and invite the reader to participate in experiments performed upon narrative, art, and language.

In 2012, Boston-based artist and writer Franklin Einspruch published an anthology of eight such artists entitled “Comics as Poetry.” It includes Kimball Anderson (Boston), Derik A. Badman (Philadelphia), Warren Craghead (Charlottesville, VA), Julie Delporte (Montreal), Oliver East (Leeds, UK), Jason Overby (Portland, OR), Paul K. Tunis (New York), and Einspruch himself. Acclaimed poet William Corbett contributed a foreword. The critical response was warm and roundly positive. “Comics as Poetry collects works that experiment with the forms of comics and poetry, inviting audiences to investigate spaces, silences and moments between the observer and the observed,” wrote Tamryn Bennett. Aaron Geiger said, “I strongly encourage you to support these poet-artists as they tread lightly to the side of the mainstream.” The Seattle Star called it “truly a lovely book.”

In “The Fire to Say,” organizer Franklin Einspruch will turn the Curatorial Research Lab of Winkleman Gallery into a combination of exhibition space and reading room that will feature recent art by the eight artists and a sampling of their publications. “Over the last few years there has been an increasing number of people working in combinations of images and words that don’t fit neatly into the worlds of art or publishing,” says Einspruch. “This interstice is immensely interesting, filled with do-it-yourselfers who admire what goes on in art, comics, and poetry and each of their histories, but are seeking to carve out their own forms of expression independently of them.”

Also, due to commitments related Art Basel Miami Beach and my lack of interest in schlepping a laptop around Miami, blogging will resume on the 11th. May your turkey be utterly delicious.




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