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Shutdown? Me Too

Post #1624 • October 2, 2013, 8:58 PM

I'm nursing one of those head colds that saps your will to do anything useful. Were I feeling spry, though, I might be preparing to pop back down to New York City to see the Friday opening of "Scale" at Life on Mars in Brooklyn—congratulations, Christina Kee—and the Bill Scott show at Hollis Taggart. (Careful readers will recall that I wrote about Bill for Art in America last year.) I would then go see the Balthus show at the Met again, because it was just that good.

My consciousness did manage to claw a path through Art Collections a Click Away in the New York Times, which reports that Amazon's art sales, disdained by Tyler Cowen when it first appeared, seem to be doing well.

The online activity reflects a shift in consumer behavior. Increasingly, buyers have shown a willingness to select art online and pay for it online, too, without ever seeing the original work.

The sales, they are a-disintermediating.

And with that, good night.




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