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Too Darn Hot

Post #1613 • July 17, 2013, 8:10 PM

Persistent hot weather has rendered your host unable to do anything except tipple whisky gingers and squint. Enjoy this week's dispatch from the Department of Skills and until next time, stay hydrated.

The Calendar

Shows I will see, shows I wish I could see, and items of personal import for anyone keeping track.

Through July 20: "Karla Wozniak: This Weather Is Cosmic" at Gregory Lind, San Franciso.

Through July 26: "Albert York: A Small Selection" at Davis and Langdale, New York City.

Through August 11: "Franklin Einspruch: According" at Hess Gallery, Pine Manor College, Boston.

Through August 20: "Estlin Cummings Wild West Show" at the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston. See the Slate article (h/t E.O.).

Through September 29: "Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953–1966," at the Legion of Honor, de Young Museum, San Francisco.

Starts October 14: "Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Runs through January 5.




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