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Basel or Bust (Other Options Are Also Being Considered)

Post #1582 • December 4, 2012, 2:18 PM • 1 Comment

I received a kind invitation to lead a private tour of the Pulse Art Fair, so I'm off to Miami tomorrow, returning to Boston on Monday. Those who would wish to get together, or prevail upon me to leave on the horse I rode in on, are invited to get in touch.

Aside from Pulse, I'll hit Art Miami and anything else within walking distance, but I don't expect to spend much time at the fairs. My main concern is getting up to the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood to see Elisabeth Condon: The Seven Seas. There is also a Bill Viola show which is making its only United States appearance at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami.

Otherwise I'll be visiting with favorite Miamians. O favorite Miamians, come to Boston. I promise that the chilly drizzle grows on you after a while. Well, it accumulates on you after a while, anyway.




December 6, 2012, 8:01 AM

How could I forget? Paint is up at Bridge Red Studios featuring George Bethea, Lucas Blanco, Juan Carballo, Shirley Henderson, Mary Malm, Jordan Massengale, Yolanda Sanchez, and Claudia Scalise, thus promising to be the best gallery show in town at the moment.



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