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Watch Your Mouth

Post #1544 • April 2, 2012, 11:58 AM

From an email exchange with a non-art buddy of mine.

[Image: The Internet attempts art appreciation.]

The Internet attempts art appreciation.

NABOM: Le sigh.

Yours Truly: I saw the top painting in Amsterdam recently, and the bottom painting in New York several months ago. And while anyone would take the former over the latter, the latter isn't really "art now". Art Now would be more like this. In comparison a big expanse of red is a relief.

NABOM: I really don't know much about "art," but is that the shit that's passing for "art" now?

Yours Truly: Not only passing, but being presented as museum-worthy. Things are bad in my field. It's partly why I write criticism.

NABOM: Ah. This is the "disco" era of art.

Yours Truly: That's an insult to disco.




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