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All Thunder of the One Thought

Post #1521 • February 20, 2012, 8:58 AM

From "Painting a Mountain Stream" by Howard Nemerov.

Running and standing still at once
is the whole truth. Raveled or combed,
wrinkled or clear, it gets its force
from losing force. Going it stays.

Pulse beats, and planets echo this,
the running down, the standing still,
all thunder of the one thought.
The mind that thinks it is unfounded.


In the confidence of the wrist
things and ideas ripple together,
as in the clear lake of the eye,
unfathomably, running remains.

The eye travels on running water,
out to the sky, if you let it go.
However often you call it back
it travels again, out to the sky.

The water that seemed to stand is gone.
The water that seemed to run is here.
Steady the wrist, steady the eye;
paint this rhythm, not this thing.




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