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Comics weekend

Post #1350 • May 18, 2009, 2:05 PM

I drove up Saturday for the Maine Comics Arts Festival. In retrospect, this was unnecessary, as I could have left early Sunday, missed the morass that was Saturday afternoon traffic in north Boston, and saved myself a hotel stay. But since I was there, I made the most of it, and had a delicious dinner at the Green Elephant.

And the con was great. This one had a couple of unusual features, in that children under twelve were admitted free, and consequently we had a lot of interested younger readers come through. Too, there were no dealers. Usually these things are crowded with guys selling back issues out of boxes, but everyone at this one was a creator promoting their own material, so there was a lot of energy and none of the usual smell of old newsprint.

The haul included:

Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle. I picked up this one directly from Casablanca Comics, host of the event. They themselves have gotten out of the back-issue business, and report that they are consequently selling better than ever.

Tragic Relief (the Xeric Edition!) by Colleen Frakes.

Cecil and Jordan in New York Stories by Gabrielle Bell.

Food/Fall by the immensely talented Joseph Lambert. You can read Fall at Top Shelf 2.0.

I didn't have much to offer from my table except postcards, but I do have a new episode of The Moon Fell On Me up.




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