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Post #1322 • April 4, 2009, 7:54 AM

Sorry for not posting this yesterday as promised: The Mind of Materials: Why a Good Education in Art Emphasizes Techniques Over Ideas (PDF). The visuals are also available (Slidy).

I gave this paper alonside Walter Darby Bannard and Brian Curtis of the University of Miami, and Peter Kaniaris of Anderson University in South Carolina. (I'll work on getting copies of their papers to post here as well.) The room was packed an we had an enthusiastic crowd. A lot of people expressed gratitude that anyone was expressing sentiments on behalf of materiality and craft. I would have liked to entertain a little more discussion, but time ran short as it does at these things.

Afterwards we all went off the Portland Art Museum to see the Greenberg Collection, in which Darby is represented. PAM also has one of the minimalist paintings that Darby did in the early '60s, which was donated by someone else to the museum. Darby's full of stories about the artists in Greenberg's collection, and remembers able but largely neglected painters like Frank Lobdell. Typically you have to come out to the west coast to lay your eyes on particular artists, and it's always nice to run across Morris Graves and some of the Bay Area painters. Good times.




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