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Post #1029 • July 14, 2007, 3:31 PM

"Anders Nilsen dealt with the death of his fiancee the best way he knew how: by drawing comics." (CR) Also via CR, Entre Deux.

"Terrorist organizations, like other organizations, have logos. And that means that somebody had to design those logos. So, which terrorist gets that job? Are there trained terrorist Graphic Designers? Or does the job just go to whichever terrorist happens to have a copy of Adobe Illustrator?"

John Maeda designs the cover for Key. (K)

"This massive art sculpture involves two enormous big rig trucks that balance on each other. The interior of the trucks are hollow and designed to allow people to climb inside." (Supergirl)

"I drop the figurine from the same height in complete darkness while the lens of the camera is open. When the figurine hits the ground, the sound triggers the lights to go off for a fraction of a second."

"The Japanese have a far better selection of pens on the market than we do here in the U.S."

Department of Skills: Highlight reel of the '04/'05 World Juggling Federation Championships.




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