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Post #853 • August 16, 2006, 2:34 PM

Here's the deal. I have two grant proposals, three websites, and eight illustrations that need to get submitted, heavily updated, and delivered, respectively, by some time next week. Plus, as fate would have it, work in the studio is going really well. Like, A Whole New Thing Going On kind of really well. But I will not take a hiatus! I refuse. I will totally reneg on what I said yesterday, but no hiatus.

Instead, I'm going to put up some leftover images from PSiNE and Cultivating Virtue, with little or no comment, until I'm out of the woods. Once I get my new stuff photographed, I'll post that too. Thanks for your patience.

Now, I think I'll go get some lunch. And some art supplies. Note to self: shave.




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