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Post #670 • November 30, 2005, 6:52 AM

Wednesday, Nov. 30

1030: Press reception at AB/MB.

1300: Teach.

Evening: AB/MB Vernissage, driveby on Art Positions.

2200: Artblogger meetup.

Thursday, Dec. 1

0730: Teach. Yes, at 7:30 AM. Because of the hurricanes, classes start a half-hour early for the rest of the quarter. Due to last item, this may be especially painful.

1100: Let class go early (hey, we were there at 7:30), hit breakfast at CasaLin.

1300: Pulse.

1600: Disco nap, blogging break.

2000: I may fight the crowds and hit Steinbaum, if only for the slippers. But, you know, I'm just going to end up giving them to Goodwill. Maybe not. I'm open to suggestions for Thursday night.

Friday, Dec. 2

0730 - 1700: Teach. Yes, really.

1830: Cars and Fish.

2100: Blogging break. Note time between now and last blogging break.

Saturday, Dec. 3

1000: I may try and crash the Sagamore Hotel Brunch. RSVP was Nov. 21. We'll see how good these press creds are. Otherwise, I'm trying not to go to Miami Beach today. Backup plans: mid-morning nap, pastries at Dorsch.

1200: NADA.

1900: Driveby on Edgezones. Then, of course, Real Painting. At some point I'll wander across NE 2 Avenue and hit Snitzer and Bruk, just to hand out Real Painting invitations to the throng. Will also drop in on handsome shows by Ralph Provisero and Kyle Towbridge at Dorsch. Some how, in some way, I will work in the SODA show.

Sunday, Dec. 4

0800: This morning we will begin with a reading from the Book of Todd.

0930: T'ai Chi. I do not miss Sunday morning t'ai chi. Come hit class with me (JCC location)!

1400: Aqua.

1600: Scope.

2100: Hot bath.




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