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they missed a golden opportunity to call them 'de-cons'

Post #618 • September 6, 2005, 2:35 PM • 3 Comments

Via Kathleen, someone referring to himself in third person blogs about deconstructed Converses (image at link):

With a deconstructed upper and All Star embroidery, it's a unique look, too.

Only if no one else wears them. The author, clearly a formalist, expresses his disdain.

Trust the Manolo[,] this faddish version of the classic shoes, it will shortly fade, leaving the Chucks to stand alone as the monument to timelessness they have always been.

Even fashionistas recognize that the postmodernist project has assimilated into the larger culture in such a manner as to lose its edginess:

Happily, on the side of brightness, the Manolo he cannot but believe that the use of the word "deconstructed" in the shoe advertisement signals the final end of the pernicious reign of the Derrida and his toadies!

Kim Weinstein weighs in (comment on Aug. 29):

Derrida is a bore and those Chuck T's have got to go.

Imagine the whining that would appear on this blog if I had opined that myself. (Wait, I sort of did.) Maybe I ought to adopt the voice of a too-cool-for-school art scenester, dismissing my detractors with a side-to-side head bob and a little tisking sound.

Never mind, the Einspruch he is making himself queasy just thinking about it.




September 6, 2005, 11:22 PM

the ms quoted and the ahab, they looked at the link offered above. The Manolo sidetracked us for a while with the "Fairy Tails" post. See if you can resist a conniption when you get to the photo captioned "Froggy goes a whoring".

If anyone starts in on the Derrida here we'll inevitably get another dose of the Dude who calls himself Champ. Please no.



September 8, 2005, 1:49 AM

I don't know why we would have to go back to any of the D's-who-are-so-distressing-to-artbloggers when we can talk about iamrprettynyc.

Boys, remember, though some may entice you to wear gobs of makeup on your eyes this season, you must resist!! Unless of course, it is sheer. Basically, pick a feature and go with it.



September 8, 2005, 7:23 AM

I'm glad to hear this, because I was just about to load up a spatula with mascara. Whew.



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