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Post #568 • June 29, 2005, 12:20 PM

That went rather well. now lives at Textdrive, a little more expensively, but with awesome new appliances.

Comments will stay down for a while until the new registration system gets implemented. Yes, registration. This idea sounded great at first, but 30 minutes after I posted it, I realized that pond-slime could use it to send spam all over the universe at my expense. Besides, it distributes the user workload across all future posts instead of getting it out of the way at the beginning, rewarding the people who want to come in and say one little thing at the expense of folks who want to have long conversations. I like long conversations. So, we're going with registration.

This sucks floor tiles, because I prefer openness. But you don't have locks on your doors for the thousand honest people in your neighborhood. You have them for the one miscreant among them who will come in and take the stereo. The neighborhood got big enough around here to necessitate locks on the doors.

Besides, we may see good side effects - more smart stuff, fewer drive-by shootings, and my favorite: the imminent Get Thee Behind Me button, which, when pressed, bans any troller's account and causes all his posts to appear as: Franklin has blocked this user for guidelines violations. Fie, a pox upon you, you who reeks of rancid flounder!

It will get quieter. I feel a little bad about that. But not as bad as I feel about the increasingly frequent visits from intellectual cripples over the last several months.

Thanks for your continued readership. Tomorrow: more new art.




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