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design district openings

Post #348 • August 18, 2004, 6:19 AM • 3 Comments

Last Thursday featured openings in the Design District. My foray into it didn't turn up much, but there were some arrangements of marbles by Wendy Wischer, which I continue to prefer among all of her projects. (Images of similar arrangements are here; scroll about 2/3 of the way down.)

Also in the Buena Vista Building was a solo show of Kika Karadi. Most of the exhibition wasn't very good, but there were two recent paintings, one of which is shown below (Dog With Pink Sky, 2004, 46 x 58 inches), that evinced marked potential. Using a sooty palette and angular shape-making that reminded me of John Marin, it looked like a dreary attempt at first but could be seen to dominate the room upon prolonged inspection. I expect prodigious things from Karadi in the future.

(The show is one of those Design District deals with unpredictable hours; a second opening will take place September 9. One can also make an appointment - contact me and I will forward your message to the artist.)




August 18, 2004, 5:47 PM

I can't tell a lot from the small repro, and the comparison to the Marin, though apt, is not advantageous to this painting, for sure, but, wonder of wonders, it does look like a real solid fairly large abstract (more or less) painting. Let's keep an eye on this artist, indeed.



August 19, 2004, 1:35 AM

deer family /

thank you for your review franklin! I am excited that you can see some potenitial / i have been reading artblog for weeks since the snitzer art-critic's symposium/ i espacially loved the sarcastic comments between you guys and i think it was jerome du bois??/ i recently came here from new york after having quit my previous life and set up a studio in march / (other than a 2 month absence between then and now) i have just been paitning a-la-purvis mode and intend to continue perpetuum/ these are all i've done (other than whats at snitzer's
"made in miami II")/ infact i agree at kindest this is a painting with potential-everything else is lunch... please let me explain: if i were a stripper i'd be putting clothes on / thanks kika
i live with rats and lizzrads in the factory and they are all smiling:)



August 19, 2004, 1:38 AM

Keep it up, Kika



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