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drawing in company

Post #351 • August 23, 2004, 1:38 PM • 2 Comments

Leonardo, from the Notebooks:

I say and insist that drawing in company is much better than alone, for many reasons. The first is that you would be ashamed to be seen behindhand among the students, and such shame will lead you to careful study. Secondly, a wholsesome emulation will stimulate you to be among those who are more praised than yourself, and this praise of others will spur you on. Another is that you can learn from the drawings of others who can do better than yourself; and if you are better than they, you can profit by your contempt for their defects, while the praise of others will incite you to farther merits.




August 24, 2004, 1:11 AM

Do you miss "drawing in company" now that you work from home?



August 24, 2004, 6:07 PM

I had always regarded artmaking as a rather introspective, and hence isolating, practice....which is what both fascinated and frightened me about it. The idea of it being something that's a little more communal is interesting to me (though probably obvious to artists or those who take art courses). Leonardo's take on the social practice of drawing, though, has a more competitive edge than suits my personal taste.



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