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Post #272 • May 7, 2004, 8:04 AM

Necee, now back in Boston (I miss you already!), sends bad news about the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art from the Palm Beach Post:

The Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art is looking for a museum or college -- or somebody -- to take over operations. The decision led to the recent resignation of director Michael Rush, who's credited with giving PBICA a national and even international profile through cutting-edge programming. The museum could close its doors this year unless a partner is found or a strong local board can be formed to turn the museum into a viable nonprofit entity. Chances of the latter happening are "slim," according to the museum's owner, Robert Montgomery, the prominent Palm Beach attorney and philanthropist.

Via TMFTML: Please buy my Versace gold-plated flatware.

Via That Rabbit Girl: "A new carving of Christ on the cross said to be a lost masterpiece by the artist Michelangelo has been unveiled in Italy."

Ken Johnson wrote a highly enjoyable roundup of sculpture shows for the New York Times. Man, this guy can write.

Michelle Weinberg covered the World Arts Building for the Miami New Times this week, and I think she did a great job of it. I'm happy about this because now there's an artist/newspaper art critic in town besides myself to take shit about conflicts of interest. Welcome to the club, Michelle!

Last and least, my latest piece is out in Street Miami this week. I want to admit publicly that this is just about the worst thing I've ever seen of mine on newsprint. I was trying to tinker with the balance between description and comment, and the result was a supremely off writing day. My editor deemed it publishable, but I make no other claims for it. I promise not to suck so hard next time. I'd better not, because I'm covering the Chuck Close show at MAM.




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