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Post #281 • May 20, 2004, 10:17 PM

From Maria Jose Arjona's performance A Thousand Beautiful Things at Damien B., recenty reviewed:

Baltimore artist Laura Burns and Miami artist Teresa Diehl are in a show at the Art and Culture Center called "Intimacy and Discomfort." I'm trying to talk my editor into letting me review it - it's a great show. Curator Samantha Salzinger: "'Intimacy and Discomfort' investigates the idea of relationships, memories, and places - anything that conjures up the feeling of closeness, where the artistic vision leaves the viewer in a state of discomfort." Diehl:

Diehl with Burns in background:


Rene Barge showed a DVD of the making of this piece at the Miami Art Museum this evening. "It is important for me to take time to isolate myself and make a space sacred so that I may meditate deeply on the source of all sound, to cultivate higher levels of hearing, perception, and vision."

Photos courtesy Arjona, the A&CC, and Barge.




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