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masturbation reaches epidemic levels among local print journalists

Post #277 • May 14, 2004, 8:30 AM • 3 Comments

I want to congratulate my colleagues at Bang Bus, a website dedicated to videos of coital shenanigans aboard an eponymous bus, for their selection by the Miami New Times as this year's Best Local Website. Instead of using the web to try to elevate the local cultural discourse, as some of us are doing, you have embraced the cultural norms and run with them. This has no doubt been profitable and pleasurable, and is now critically acclaimed by a local entertainment weekly to boot. You know as well as we do that the New Times's citation of Camile Paglia in its write-up of you was just intellectual prudery - the bottom line is that looking at a great variety of attractive women having sex is a pleasure that few of us are able to enjoy in real life, due to our commitments to our vocations, relationships, and morals. It's good that Bang Bus is here in Miami to fulfill this need, and to express to the world what this town is all about. My only regret is that I was obliged, in the course of reading about your selection, to envision various New Times editors sitting in front of their computers, whacking off. But it has passed, and all is forgiven.

On a related note, my latest effort for Street appears in an issue featuring a story about a visit to a happy-ending massage parlor.



Shocked, I say, Shocked!!!!

May 14, 2004, 9:16 PM

If only it were true and I was shocked by this.

The general quality of the NT is so poor, I can safely say I find the newspaper generally unworthy of wraping fish, starting small fires, or even reading.

The contents are entirely PR or fictional anyways, so who cares? As long as the advertising for plastic surgery, prostitution and rich people's distractions continue to pay, what difference does anything actually printed make?

After all, the only people who *actually* read it are those connected to the paper in some way.


Number Two

May 15, 2004, 4:40 AM

Haha ...the fellows at Miami New Times claim: "In case you miss the point, the objective of this Website ( is not to arouse anything but disgust in what the Bangs see as an 'offensively politically correct world.' "

I took a few minutes and checked out this website, and all I can say is:

Really? To me, it seems as if the ONLY point is to sell porn. Dressed up, perhaps, in a rather transparent suit of weak political agenda, but nevertheless: it's all about selling the PORN (so what else is new?).

I'm obviously missing the point entirely...


bla bla bla

May 16, 2004, 6:52 PM

next topic please



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