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Post #251 • April 6, 2004, 11:31 AM

I redesigned my main site to be less biege and brushy and feh.

I am a Grammar God. (Via Terry, who is as well.)

Textpattern, the blogware that I used on the original version of, is now in full release and people are loving it. My old version was beta, and it crapped out as TXP was rebuilding to gamma, so there was nothing to do except bail. I still think it's a mighty program, and statistically speaking, you're probably not insane enough to code your own content management system like, um, some people. It's free and fabulously easy to install, at least relative to Moveable Type. The author is a graphic designer and the product reflects it.

The first assignment for my illustration class is to design a bookplate for their own libraries. To reward them for looking up the links I compiled for them, I sneaked in this one.




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