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Post #262 • April 23, 2004, 5:58 PM • 1 Comment

This new watercolor by yours truly will be on display at "Within These Walls," opening this Saturday at Dorsch Gallery.

WTW is going to have some muscular work up by Jordan Massengale, painted in oil and encaustic on steel. Jordan has been extremely prolific and boundary-pushing lately. The Miami Figurative Posse will be in full effect: Jordan, myself, Juan Carballo, Lucas Blanco, Mary Malm, Claudia Scalise, Tom Virgin, Brian Reedy and newcomer John Sanchez.

The main event is a solo show of monumental sculptures by Ralph Provisero that will knock you on your ass.



jordan massengale

April 26, 2004, 11:50 AM

Hi Franklin, delicately feathered watercolor you have on presentation - sophisticated in the suggestion of form with limited color and bold in it's vertical format and implied balance of illusionistic weight(s). Just a quick comment regarding my materials - I'm looking for a solid and integral image and surface relationship with a light and austere material; thus aluminum will be sufficient at this point - not steel, as this material exudes a muscularity which I do not possess - however it may be projected or percieved by others...
thanks for the comment franklin - jordan



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