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Post #195 • January 20, 2004, 10:40 PM

I meant to post something about this, but Cinque Hicks beat me to it. (Hell's bells, the anchor doesn't work. Scroll down to Jan. 14: Conceptual Backlash in Full Swing.) A knighted Welsh artist recently attacked modern art, calling most of it "totally, totally unlikeable" and claimed the field was full of fame hounds. "There is very little love in art in art today," he said, "very little humanity in the work people do." I was on board, until I saw his work. Nertz. Click the link. Hicks is correct.

Modern Art Notes, you probably know, is now an ArtsJournal blog. Tyler Green opened with a telling post about his approach to criticism:

Too much art writing is written by people with MFA's and PhD's who display passion for neither art nor writing. I come to art as someone who loves to experience great work, as someone who writes about art from my soul and not from a graduate degree. Art writing should come from a compulsion to share, not from preachy pretension and didacticism.

A MAN after my own heart.

TransMegaCorp found my appointment of their brilliant Stupid Question Counter to Graphic of the Month on an old post on this site and wrote in to say thank you. This baby doll should be adorning your girlfriend, for her own protection, if not the sheer violent glee of it all.

Anybody who wants to see me get into it with Tears of Things can click here, but keep in mind that I'm pretty done with it. The thread, not Tears.

Thank you to los Blowhardos for the link and for the inclusion among the blogerati on the left side of their page.

Coming soon: reviews of Abelardo Morrell, Kerry Ware, Carolina Salazar, and Mirna Massengale.




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