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Post #164 • November 28, 2003, 1:56 PM

  1. Although I can't find the deadline on the site, the Miami Art Exchange says that today is the last day to fill out the on-line survey for artists for the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs. If you are a Florida creative type, please do so now. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if they get it from you a teensy bit late, say, this weekend.
  2. FAQ: Are you still doing the Miami Art Exchange? A: No. The MAEx is now being produced by Onajide Shabaka, independently of any organization. This has been the case since January 2002. FAQ: What happened to the organization? A: Not enough balloon, too much hot air. The active participants in the MAEx organization were investing lots of time and money, and received applause, but not support, from the parties it sought to serve. FAQ: Man, I haven't been on to the Miami Art Exchange in ages. Is it still going? A: Yes.
  3. I have installed a clever script by Dean Allen that tracks referers, incoming links, if you will, to As of this writing I cannot tell whether or not it is working.
  4. This morning my friend Kerry Ware called me up and read my mention in Art in America to me. Sounds nice. Elapsed time between the end of graduate school and this event: 111 months.
  5. is the official art blog of the whirling cornucopia that is Art Basel Miami Beach. Well, not official official, but de facto official. I mean, what other blogger is down here? Well, Tyler Green will be, sure, but this is my town, baby. Expect unprecedented posting, numerous times a day, all weekend long.




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