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Post #154 • November 18, 2003, 3:03 PM

I'm trying to remind myself that change is inevitable, and I might as well enjoy it. is now powered by Blosxom. The old Textpattern (good luck to it) blog has been archived. Links to the old blog will be screwed up. The new RSS feed is this:

“” still works as the address. It is not necessary to add the “/blosxom/blosxom.cgi” foolishness you see above in the address window.

(Focus on the positive. Focus, dammit.)

I took this opportunity to redesign the site and create static pages for About, Links, and whatnot. Blosxom has a remarkably fluid design - posts are laying in a big pile that you create yourself out of text files, and the script just knows what do with them. (Blosxom’s tagline is “the Zen of blogging.” It makes sense, once you've installed it.) More features will be supplied as I pull them from Blosxom's copious plug-in arsenal. The entire program is 17K. Moveable Type was agony itself by comparison.

The same deal is on. The battle between equanimity and bile continues, hampered but not halted by digital entropy.

Until I get comments going, e-mail them to me.




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