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Post #159 • November 22, 2003, 2:34 PM

You see this right here? This right here is the blogware I wrote to match the way I think about I call it Franklinpattern. Um, no. Franklinxom. No. No. Um - Moveable Franklin. Um... No. That sounds like an action figure.

Well, whatever it is, I wrote it, without wearing out Hovig John Heghinian with my questions. Hovig - thank you.

Not everything works. The comments have been culled from the old blog but haven't been installed yet. There is not yet any way to comment on new posts, so e-mail me if you want to communicate. There's also some cleaning up to do. See the Status Table at the bottom of the about page for details.

But the design is refreshed, the old posts are there, and it's quite a bit easier to browse through them. Oh - and the RSS feed is what it should be,, not that, that, crud it was before. Considering that I have no formal training in any of this, I'm pretty proud of it.

So we're back on track. Thanks for your patience and readership.




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