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Post #125 • October 9, 2003, 2:05 PM

Letter [link will expire Oct. 15] to the Miami New Times, October 9, 2003:

Dear me! Franklin Einspruch suffers from some arrogant naivete that is unforgivable (“Art By District,” June 26). As a writer, he sucks. He should stop – please – including words from other languages; that just shows off his ignorance and pretension. And please, if he dares to write about art, at least he should judge himself as a painter (bad, bad copy of Freud turned into a good-intentioned “serious” abstract-figurative “artist”). Has he ever heard the word imagination? And he should at least try to be humble, because he really needs some guts to call himself an artist. But everybody knows how he is.

And Dorsch! Give me a break. Those shows are not curated. They’re as bad as Einspruch’s shitty abstract show that everybody complained about.

Pio Baroj, Miami

Dear Mr. Baroj,

Thank you for taking the time to write in to the New Times regarding my work. Frankly, I wish more people would write to the local editors to give feedback on the arts writing – it is their signal that readers take the topic seriously.

I was only puzzled by one thing – I couldn’t think of when I had used foreign words in my writing. I now see that you were referring to moyel in my June 26 piece for the New Times. Alas, I am unaware of a single word in English that means a practitioner of circumcision in the Jewish faith. I think I have avoided the use of foreign words otherwise; you’re welcome to look over the archive of my published work to make sure. (Mitzvah, a meritorious deed, is in my copy of Webster’s.)

At any rate, thank you again for writing. Please say hello to everybody for me. I refer to the “everybody” you mention in your letter. Twice.


Franklin Einspruch




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