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Post #109 • September 18, 2003, 4:57 AM

Elitism in the Air: Butterflies & Wheels, What is Elitism? [thanks ArtsJournal]; A.C. Douglas, Clear and Present Danger; Out of Lascaux responds to Douglas.

Be Yourself: At the State Capitol, an exhibition of the paintings of “Hialeah artist Christian Duran.” Here’s to being real.

Just Say No to Totalitarianism: Miami artists Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt, among others, dis the Havana Biennial.

Geekery: Paul Ford, Processing Processing. Warning: heavy geekery.

Good news: I have been invited for a weeklong stint as a visiting artist at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts.

One sentence reviews: Peter Barett’s best works at Ingalls Gallery (no site) were the shaped, routered pieces with intense details; other works held up less well. (I went to RISD with Peter.) Gavin Perry at Ambrosino Gallery (Safari-hostile site) is now using texture in addition to his ultra-slick surfaces, to good effect, and the paintings seem to be making progress towards a greater success that they have not yet reached.

2 Blowhards: “Thanks to Laurence Aurbach for pointing out this superb New Urbanist manifesto by New-Urb ayatollah [and Miami architect] Andres Duany in Planetizen here. Duany spells out 41 principles he wants to see architecture base itself on; tweak a word or two here and there, and I’d be happy to see all the arts based on them.” Here, here.




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