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Post #74 • August 4, 2003, 10:18 AM

Michael Betancourt (who, for the record, has no relation to artist Carlos Betancourt) has started a column called IMHO (web-talk for In My Humble Opinion) on the new version of the Miami Art Exchange.

I handed over the keys of the MAeX to Jide Shabaka this year for him to do what he wants with it. The organization is defunct for all practical purposes, and now the website reflects Jide’s efforts as an individual to promote and discuss art in Miami.

A column is perfect for Michael. It will focus his prolific thoughts into a format eminently suitable for consumption on the web. I’m looking forward to this. Already he has taken extreme exception to some reportage by New Times’s Alfredo Triff. This is what we want – more voices with courage.




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