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openings and closings and new things

Post #63 • July 18, 2003, 11:58 AM

I have official confirmation that the Bass is closing after this weekend until December for more repairs on its accursed building. You have exactly that long to see the shows I reviewed and recommended in the New Times.

A July 17 e-mail from Objex Art Space announced that they will be closing their doors August 1. It’s a little weird to hold a fundraising exhibition (“Fiddy Bean”) and then shut down. I guess it didn’t raise enough funds.

The Miami Art Exchange has been relaunched as a private effort by Onajide Shabaka. Now that the communitarian version has wound down to nothing, it will be interesting to see how the MAeX works as a free-market project.

Terry Teachout has positioned himself as the uberblogger of ArtsJournal, with a whopping, burnout-inducing 33 postings in its five days of its existence. (Burnout, potentially, for him, not us; he maintains impressive readability.) By virtue of superior blogitude and his confessed love of Giorgio Morandi, I have included him in the links. Also added is The Tears of Things by Phoenix artbloggers Jerome du Bois and Catherine King.




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