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artsjournal begins blogging

Post #60 • July 14, 2003, 9:43 AM

The redoubtable ArtsJournal began blogging today, in the form of blogs by Terry Teachout,Andrew Taylor, andTobi Tobias. It appeared that none of this was going to involve visual art, but that was incorrect; all three are generalists who seem to intend to touch on it at some point. Teachout seems most comfortable blogging – he got his blogroll going already – and the one most likely to write about art.

I volunteered to ArtsJournal be the visual arts blogger, but really the job ought to go to Tyler Green of Modern Art Notes. If not Green, then Ariana French of artnotes, newly added to the links section of this site. aims to have the non plus ultra list of art blogs, but membership is tough:

  1. the blog must be primarily about visual art (sorry, Mr. Teachout), or
  2. it must be written by an honestto goodness visual artist whose work I like. If I don’t like their work but really like their writing, I’ll consider it.

Frankly, not many qualify.

UPDATE: I figured out why ArtsJournal didn’t get back to me. My last name doesn’t begin with the letter T.




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