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the purpose of art is to sell real estate

Post #44 • June 23, 2003, 5:47 AM

6000 Indian Creek describes its apartments as “museum caliber.”

The Bass Museum sends this invitation: “ArtCrowd’s next party is Thursday, June 26, at The Creek, 2360 Collins Avenue. Kick back poolside, munch on hors d’oeuvres from the grill, and enjoy the cash bar. Tour the signature rooms created by artists and designers from around the country and watch as artists create new one-of-a-kind guest rooms at this art hotel just up the street from the Bass Museum of Art.”

This is an ugly trend. But let me come clean: I’ve been a part of it. Once I agreed to show my work in a reception for the Cosmopolitan condos on South Beach. I appreciated being asked, but I would refuse a second time. Something didn’t seem right. I now see what – if you believe in art for art’s sake, lending your artistic abilities and whatever coolness you might have (not much in my case) to a bunch of frenzied salespeople so they can lubricate the pipelines of cash doesn’t make you feel good.

“Watch as artists create new one-of-a-kind guest rooms”? After they do a little work, does someone throw them a fish?

“Museum caliber” condos? “Art hotel”? What do these terms mean? Nearly nothing – they were coined by copywriters with instructions to exploit art as the latest Neato Lifestyle Choice. If you really want art in your life, buy some.




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