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Post #17 • May 22, 2003, 7:12 AM, the chronicles of an artist in the world, is written by Franklin Einspruch. He has a website. He can be contacted via e-mail from there. He reserves all rights.

The story thus far: An artist cursed with the ability to write, as John Link once put it, Einspruch has dispensed plenty of grief as an art critic in one form or another. Deciding that he had no art career per se to ruin, he went after local museums, art world darlings, and popular but vacuous trends. He occasionally saw something he liked and said so. His courage has been complimented, but he imagines courage to be something more akin to beating up the town bully and doesn’t make much of his alleged bravery. On that note, however, he has taken delight in napalming the pomposity, dishonesty, and sloppy thinking that have come often out of our cultural establishments, both institutional and human.

His stance is basically modernist, but not religiously so. He is currently seeking exits from categories.He believes that art’s main power is to encapsulate human experience in an aesthetic, intuitive, non-verbal way. Art that has other agendas tends to arouse suspicion in him, but he’ll give it a shot. allows him to comment more widely and generally than most critical formats permit. It is not always about art. It is updated weekdays and/or whenever the mood strikes.

We find our protagonist in Miami, Florida, attempting to reconcile his idealistic ingenuousness with his gleeful schadenfreude in an epic battle between equanimity and bile.

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