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jacin giordano

Post #3 • May 5, 2003, 1:13 PM

Jacin Giordano’s exhibition at Frederic Snitzer is exquisite, and frighteningly successful considering his youth. He combines poured acrylics, patterns lifted from clothes and linens, and yarn embroidered through the canvas. Even the freakish looking works cannot be dismissed, and some of them, particularly the paler ones, are transcendent. His palette includes the whole range from flourescents to neutrals, all used with command.

They come off as paintings about painting, and I observed as much before I saw the notion mentioned in his artist statement. But rather than lapse into simple irony, they work as cohesive formal statements that have been considered from edge to edge. Painting about painting could have a postmodernist flavor, questioning the value of the activity, or a modernist flavor, celebrating it. Giordano mixes both flavors into a tasty gumbo.




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